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Monday Matters - October 5 - I want to be your state representative?

ACTION PLAN: Support and vote – and encourage others to vote – for Jon Comstock for House District 96 if you believe there is a better way to govern. Go to: www.joncomstockforarkansas.com and see my Blog where I discuss issues important to us.

Your Legislature - The House of Representatives is composed of 100 members elected from an equal number of citizens across the State. The Senate is composed of 35 members. Both groups do most of their work through Committees and Subcommittees – which do most of the fact-finding as they work to become informed about various issues. They are primarily responsible for assuring that there are adequate funds available to meet the legal obligations of the State to the citizens and to best serve public policy which they set – all of which must come from an appropriate and fair taxing system.

Why am I running? And why would you want to support me? I believe there is a better way to govern and I am impatient with the status quo. I want to be an advocate for everyone who lives in District 96 as they come face to face with State Government, its agencies and its bureaucracy. Legislators often call it constituent services. I call it servant-leadership. At the end of two years of service, I want the people of District 96 to say they have never had an elected representative work as hard for them as Jon Comstock did.

Background: It’s what I have done my entire career since 1976 – advocating for others- as an attorney – I represented most small cities in Northeastern Oklahoma for many years and defended police officers charged with civil rights violations – and then joined Walmart’s legal department for 18 years – where I not only found my way through the maze of a multitude of business entities – but I identified decision-makers, stakeholders and brought people together for consensus outcomes – while routinely working with state and federal government agencies on complex issues. I want to do the same thing in the Legislature.

In 2011 and 2012 I was a Circuit Court Judge for Benton County – managing a civil and felony criminal docket. In 2013 I formed my own small business, which I operate today – Comstock Conflict Resolution Services. I am a mediator and routinely get hired by parties – who have very strong differences of opinion about what is right/wrong – and help them build a consensus outcome. I want to do the same thing in Little Rock.

The University of Arkansas School of Law hired me for the last several years to teach law students how to be “peacemakers” (in the words of Abraham Lincoln) to help resolve differences, not just foment them. I want to play that role as your Representative in the Legislature.

Benchmark of my success in the Legislature: I want to work harder for you on an individual basis than you are used to seeing from your elected representatives. Give me two years in the Legislature and it will be easy for you in District 96 to grade me. The benchmark for success will be my level of effort and your level of satisfaction.

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