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Monday Matters - October 26 | Bipartisan support is happening!


Action Plan: If you believe there is a better way to govern, vote Jon Comstock for House District 96. I want and need your vote! And if you can contribute anything, please do so. We will spend it immediately on more communication with swing voters! https://www.joncomstockforarkansas.com/contribute

Win or lose, I want you each to know that there are more and more people who are willing to make election choices based on WHO they think will make a good representative rather than being dictated to by political party labels.

How do I know this? I am talking to folks on the phone or in person every day. I routinely am hearing men and women say to me, “Jon, I am a Republican, but I am voting for you.” Or “Jon I am a Republican, I can’t vote for you since I don’t live in your District, but I would if I could.”

My commitment to each of you is that when I talk about A Better Way To Govern, I mean it. And more than anything, I mean making politics about policy choices rather than simply political party labels.

When David Glass, the incredible successor to Sam Walton, supported me for my first political campaign two years ago, the single question he asked of me was, “Jon, will you make independent decisions and not allow yourself to be dictated to by a party label?” I gave David that assurance (and he generously supported my efforts), and I give you the same pledge.

Just this past week, I met a man for the first time who waves an American flag on his property next to a Trump banner. He listened to me and I listened to him. By the end of the conversation, he allowed me to temporarily put up a Jon Comstock For Arkansas sign.

Politics at its best is about making policy choices that serve the best interests of hardworking members of our community. That is my goal. And what motivates the most is the support I am receiving from you and others who believe in people more than ideology. It energizes my faith in humanity and community.

I don’t think I could sum up my campaign better that to assure you that I am working towards a common goal of mutual respect, balanced with a heavy dose of healthy patriotism and community.

Know that I thank each of you for your confidence in me. I will continue to work hard to earn your trust and respect. Thank you!

Vote Jon Comstock for House District 96. https://www.joncomstockforarkansas.com/contribute


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