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Monday Matters - November 2 - Go Vote & Get out the vote!

Action Plan: If you have not yet voted, then please determine now that you are voting today (the last day of Early Voting) or vote on Election Day tomorrow, November 3. If you have already voted, then call at least 5 of your friends and ask them “Have you voted?” and encourage them to do so if they have not.

Share my link with them if they are not familiar with me: https://www.joncomstockforarkansas.com

For the last several days, I have stood outside various early voting centers waiving my “Vote for Jon Comstock, House District 96” signs. I have paid attention to the age and diversity of those voting. In the early days, it certainly looked as if folks who looked like me – including my age – and more recently the age group has included a lot of voters in their 20s and 30s AND a lot a racial diversity. Really nice to see!

It’s very impressive to see the numbers of people flocking to exercise their right to vote and to participate in our democratic method of selecting our political representatives. For each person, I think about how much planning and thought went into their decision to come to the Election Center and cast their ballot. For each person, I know they may or may not vote in the same manner that I have done. Let’s respect the decisions we each make. Let’s tell ourselves that each person deserves to have their vote respected – even if we disagree with it.

PERSONAL COMMITMENT: Believe me when I tell you, I also share anxiety about the outcome of this election, especially at the Federal level. My anxiety is likely increased from having recently read, “Fascism, A Warning” by Madeline Albright. I am also watching the current news and hearing of the potential for violence in our Land depending on the outcome.

We need to each personally commit to accept the outcome of our fellow citizens. At this point, while we hope our views prevail, we need to take a deep breath and tell ourselves that this Democracy can and will survive whatever is thrown at it – because we will continue our work that our Nation better live up to its principles of Justice and Liberty for All!

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