August 13, 2018


Senator Cecile Bledsoe

709 Sky Mountain Drive

Rogers, AR 72756


RE:  Request for Campaign Debates


Dear Senator Bledsoe,


As a candidate for the District 3 Senate seat you now hold, I would ask that you participate in several public debates with me regarding our respective positions on matters of public interest to our constituents.


My suggestion would be that we have three genuine debate sessions with the first in second week of September, the second in last week of September and the third in second week of October so that we finish well before Early Voting commences.  Each session would be limited to one hour. We can work out the venues and identify moderators. Perhaps we could each select a moderator and then let those two select a third option.


As we will face a tight schedule to get venues calendared, I would ask that you reach back to me by Thursday of this week one way or the other.  If you are agreeable, then I want to work out the terms with you (or we can let our Campaign Managers handle that part). Let me know your preference.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Very Truly Yours,


Jon Comstock

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